Automatic chicken Door

  • Solar powered automatic chicken coop door: More Efficient, Durable, and Convenient. You can enjoy the convenience of automatic opening and closing, without worrying about power outages or difficult electrical access.
  • Easy to use and install: It takes no more than 10 minutes to reliably install the chicken coop automatic door opener. Automatically open and close the chicken coop door without worry. Early start in cold weather or when it rains.
  • Light sensor and timer modes: This automatic chicken coop door offers flexibility with 4 modes and can be opened or closed at the scene or time you want according to your requirements. You can travel with ease.
  • Works in extreme weather: This durable auto chicken coop door is made of aluminum and AES and can work in snow, rain and dust from -26°C to 60°C. It protects your chickens in all weather conditions.
  • Wide application: This versatile chicken coop accessory can also be used as a door for ducks/geese/chickens and other poultry. You can enjoy a stress-free weekend and holiday, as well as knowing that your chickens are safe.

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